SIPLINK COMMUNICATIONS is looking for individuals and organizations who understand that the VoIP service business is built on reliability, quality service and overall functionality. Your customers have been trained for years by the telephone companyto just pick up their phone and it will a have dial tone. They were trained to use features like call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail. When this functionality does not work, customers will rarely stay with that provider. Utilizing inferior software solutions and small start up providers may appear attractive when you think of short term costs, but in the long term it will have dramatic costs tied to customer turnover and massive technical support. Don’t make the mistake, choose SIPLINK COMMUNICATIONS today.

The SIPLINK COMMUNICATIONS application is built on security, reliability, redundancy and scalability.


SIPLINK COMMUNICATIONS infrastructure is designed with failover, redundancy and replication throughout the network. No single point of failure exists with redundant servers, routers and switches combined with real time replication to a secondary data center. It is designed to provide uninterrupted service in the event a server, database, router, switch or entire data center goes down.

The SIPLINK COMMUNICATIONS network consists of multiple data and IP provider links from two data centers. Each of these links is capable of carrying the entire network load in the event of single or multiple link failure.


The SIPLINK COMMUNICATIONS primary data center is an enterprise class site with 24/7 monitoring and protection. The data center is located in Baltimore, Maryland and provides the following capabilities, features and services:

  • 22,000 square foot facility
  • Three 800kw Caterpillar
  • Generators Liebert
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Dual Power Feeds
  • 410 Tons of cooling

Advanced fire suppression systems

  • SSAE-16 Compliant and PCI-DSS Certified
  • 24x7x365 Operations Support Center with Onsite engineers
  • Multi-Tiered security surveillance including bio-metric hand scanners
  • Direct fiber access to multiple Tier 1 internet providers


SIPLINK COMMUNICATIONS provides a fully scalable system based on VoIP infrastructure. We can scale the system to as many sites and users as required. The core technology allows for centralized management and billing at any scale. Additional customers can be added quickly, easily and securely from a standard web browser at any location with Internet access.