VoIP Service Providers in India

VoIP Service Providers in Chennai

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Looking for VoIP Services in Chennai? Siplink one of the prominent VoIP Service Providers in India. Siplink always provide a best Enterprise business service in Chennai. Products grouped under the general VoIP category are comparable in many ways and assist businesses of all sizes in resolving their operational issues. Enterprise corporations have various features, pricing, setup, and installation as compared to enterprises of lower sizes. For this reason, we match customers with the appropriate Enterprise Business VoIP. To find the best options in the Enterprise Business VoIP category, compare product ratings based on reviews from business users or get in touch with Siplink solutions. A product must have at least 10 evaluations written by reviewers from enterprise businesses in addition to meeting the requirements for inclusion in the VoIP Providers category and the Enterprise Business VoIP Providers category. Using an enterprise business, difficult corporate tasks are hoped to be reduced to a manageable procedure. Through the interchange of data and information, it mixes many components from various business sectors. It gives companies the ability to gather and share crucial data across the organization, giving managers access to up-to-the-minute business data.

An enterprise calling system made for the business

Upgrade your business to a consistent and protected business Siplink VoIP solution.

All-in one Enterprise cloud telephony for Company

SipLink introducing a VoIP phone service, SIP Trunking, Audio & Videoconferencing in HD Quality

VoIP Service Providers in India

Business VoIP for Enterprises

Flexible, secure and affordable VoIP phone service

How Does it work?

An administer account for a company can be created either by signing up using our web portal. The administrated logs in to the UC Portal and creates user-accounts for his colleagues by entering their email addresses and optionally their phone numbers. Users get a welcome email with login credentials and can proceed to their UC Portal. If the admin had provided the phone number of a user, then they will receive an SMS with a link to download the app, along with a provisioning code. The user can simply download the app and start using it immediately.

Let See our Enterprise Features below

Solution For all Your Needs.

VoIP Service Providers in India

One platform can be home for many enterprise accounts, each with their own accounts and extensions. User accounts based on email addresses. Support for multi-level branches/departments. Multiple extensions per user account (different purpose numbers).

Operate From Anywhere.

VoIP Service Providers in Chennai

Mobile clients for Android and iOS. Provisioning via SMS or log in with email and password. RCS features – IM, file sharing, presence. HD audio and video calling.

Remote Receptionist

VoIP Service Providers in Chennai

Multilevel Interactive-Voice-Response (IVR) scenarios – one scenario can lead to another. Scenarios can be assigned to DID numbers or extensions.

Menu numbers can be mapped to different PBX objects, such as users, extensions, hunt groups, scenarios, group voicemail etc. Record greetings directly from the web.

Instant Calling.

VoIP Service Providers in Chennai

Click to call URLs managed from dialing plan, with support for time spans. A URL can point to a user or to a hunt group.

The option for users to create their own URL from My profile. Provisioning for SIP devices. Support for audio, video and IM with file sharing.

Enterprise Features

It is More Convenient.

VoIP Service Providers in India

Scheduled routing with time spans and Find me, follow me. Conditional Call Forwarding per CallerID, with personalized greetings per forwarding rule.

Call Transfer – blind and attended and Call parking and Do Not Disturb, also per Caller ID. CallerID – can be set to show a user’s mobile number or DID, or one of the company’s DIDs.

Exchanging Voice Messages

VoIP Service Providers in India

Individual voicemail boxes. Group voicemail boxes. Voicemail to e-mail (MP3 file).

Voicemail notification through IM or Message Waiting Indicator. Personalized greetings per Caller ID.

For Quick and Easy Access.

VoIP Service Providers in India

Accessible from mobile clients and the User Portal. Company Directory and Shared Address Book stored in the cloud.

Private address book (not visible to others). No limitation for multiple contacts.

Connecting two or more People.

VoIP Service Providers in India

Availability – online, last seen, busy, Presence status text, Instant messaging with delivery and display confirmation.

Typing notification, Multimedia file sharing, Geo-location sharing, Documents sharing – pdf, docs etc.

Enterprise Features

Combine teams Together.

VoIP Service Providers in India

Unlimited number of participants and Multiple admins support. Sharing documents and media files and Delivery and display confirmation.

Group avatar and inviting people from outside the company via email. Audio conferencing and Access for non-users by clicking a link directly through the web.

Ensure Efficient and Quality.

VoIP Service Providers in India

Admin user can monitor all ongoing offnet calls. Admin can enable call recording per user; only offnet calls will be recorded, internal communication is encrypted.

Admin can listen to the previously recorded calls as well as ongoing calls via the User Portal.

Prevents Unauthorized Access

VoIP Service Providers in India

All user-to-user communications, using the mobile apps or the portal, are fully encrypted, that includes chat, audio and video calls.

Information From Anywhere.

Internet Service Providers in India

Company Account management for admin panel and HD audio video calling directly from browser. Web RTC support – no need to download any plugin and RCS features – Instant messaging, file sharing, top-up etc.

Our Services

Other task for the administrators

So What’s Next?

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